Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Brian Regan Rocks

This weekend was such fun. My office loves Brian Regan...alot. The Dr got us all his DVDs for Christmas and we have gone to his performance together 2 years ago etc. So this weekend we got to do it again. We got the tickets almost a year ago. Seriously as soon as we heard he was coming we were on it. We got great seats again! Mendis and I went to the Texas Roadhouse first and had a lovely dinner and then hustled right on over there. We laughed so hard we were crying and holding our stomachs. It was such a fun night. We love it that he is so funny and is a good clean comedian and would pay what ever to keep him going!!
The next day was Mother's Day. Basically I got Mother's weekend not just day. Mendis is always so good at celebrations and works very hard to make it special. He made us a fillet dinner with sauteed mushrooms and baked potatoes! It was so good. The dessert was fabulous...chocolate chip cookie dough...sounds weird I know but it's one of our very favorites. That after noon we got to skype with Hayden for almost 2 hours. It was so good to see his smiling face. He had lots to tell us and it was so fun just to watch him talk. We got to hear from each of our children Sunday and we talked to both moms. I added it up and I was on the phone for 4 hours Sunday. No wonder I was exhausted by the end of the day. It was a fabulous day. Happy Mother's Day to me.

Catching up

So it just hit me that even though we have been super busy since the wedding I haven't been taking any pictures to prove it. I have to document with out them I guess. We had my Mom & Dad stay with us for about a week after the open house for the first week in April. This was my spring break so I was off for the week which was nice. They needed a place to hang out until my sister, Beth came to Utah. It just didn't make any sense for them to drive all the way home then come all the way down again a week later. It's a good thing they stayed here because mom ended up getting really sick . She was very tired and didn't even go into stores and stuff with me so I knew something was up. She is always up for shopping even for groceries. Dad and I had to check out the new WinCo in Vegas without her since she stayed in the car exhausted. Then she camped out on the couch for a few days trying to feel better. After a couple of days of no relief she finally went to the Dr down here. Sure enough she had bronchitis. Luckily the Dr gave her a z-pack and got her started back on track. She was still exhausted and didn't fully recover until the middle of May actually. Dad ended up with a eye infection and maybe sinus infection too. So they limped up to Idaho to see Beth and her family then crawled home to recuperate.

About this time Christina came down to Overton to hang out with us for her Spring Break, Wouldn't you know it never lines up with ours so I had to work. I did take one day off and filled up every evening with fun and favorite shows and movies!! We even had our FHE group with the Keels and the Jensens when she was here. Towards the end of the week we had the fair so off we went. We checked out all the exhibits and did some shopping and eating. It was a fun day and she got to see a few old friends too while we were there.After her break she headed home to Orem and we loaded up and headed to Rexburg. She was giving Jeff & Rachel her couch and they had no way to get it up there....

So we borrowed Rob's HUGE enclosed trailer and headed up with some leftover wedding presents and hit the road. Getting the sectional into the trailer was a major accomplishment and thank goodness Mendis was there to do it or Christina and I would still be passed out on her lawn. Because the trailer was huge and so heavy it took a really long time to drive up to Idaho. On the way we went through a blizzard in Cedar, Missed a 9 car pile up right behind us in a mountain pass by Beaver and had all kinds of adventures. So we finally got to Rexburg late Saturday night and got the couch unloaded into its new home. (It was a bummer that they live on the 3rd floor.)

The next day we had to head back home so we headed out for a quick lunch at Olive Garden and hit the road. We stopped in Provo to meet up with Beth and John for dinner. We had a great time and got to visit for about 2 hours before we had to go. Notice the lovely pictures we took... pretty sad huh.
We noticed the trailer lights weren't working so we just hoped to make it all the way through the construction before it got really dark. Well just as we got through it there was a pop and we blew a belt right at the exit to Payson so off the freeway we went. We drove 3 blocks and there was a parts store but since it was Sunday night they were closed. So we knew we needed a hotel and wouldn't you know there was one 2 blocks back right at the exit and they had rooms available. The next morning Mendis got the belt replaced even though it wasn't perfectly smooth sailing. We lacked the diagram to put it on but we got it finally. Off we went towards home. By Cedar it was starting to get dark again and the lights on the trailer weren't working again so we booked it right home. Luckily we made it home with out any other problems.
The silly thing is we would have been money ahead to just give Jeff & Rachel the money and have them get a new couch but we decided for some reason it was important to make the trip. Even with the little and not so little problems that popped up we had a wonderful trip. We really enjoyed every minute. It was so fun to see Beth & John, Christina and Jeff & Rachel. We got some good stories out of it and look forward to our next adventure.

The next week we had Brent & Rachel & Laura stop by on the way back and forth to Provo and California. We had a bbq and a really nice visit with them.

We attended a wedding in Vegas that we really enjoyed. It was so fun to reconnect with old friends. We even met a guy who had just returned from his mission 3 days before and it was Hayden's mission.!! He had seen Hayden just 2 days before he left. That was the coolest thing! Small world.

We enjoyed celebrating the Stake's 100 year anniversary this past month also. There was a dinner and lots of entertainment and very cool displays to enjoy. We were there about 4 hours and time just flew by. It was very fun and we loved that evening too. The next day we got a new Bishop in our ward. Bishop Elwin Brown will be taking over for Jeff Keel. We are very excited for him and we know he will do a fabulous job.

Just after that Mendis flew to Washington DC for some Lobbying. I sure wish I could have gone...maybe another time. We wasn't home more that a couple days and it was back into Vegas for another wedding where we got to meet up with the Lewis'. We were hoping to see Mike & Kathy and they were there with most of their family. Another super fun evening!

The next morning it was off to Vegas again but his time to help Ashley & Benjy move into their townhouse. That was so fun to see them and help them get settled in a bit. It is going to be so fun to have them closer. YEAH!!
Here is Grandpa helping entertain the kids. Ashley said that was our assignment, to just listen to her boys and entertain them!

Ashley & Benjy have the cutest apartment. Here is everything just thrown in there. Now poor Ashley gets to unpack it.

Cooper is digging the new stairs. Rees was thrilled with the stairs too!

Hi Coop

Looks like Grandpa is listening to Rees with his eyes closed. I brought over a felt book to keep Rees happy for a few minutes while everyone hauled stuff in and got unpacking.

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Open House

Whew almost finished with wedding events. Finally March 31 arrived and it was time for the open house for Jeff and Rachel at our house.
Rachel braved the outdoors and spent all Saturday afternoon between conference sessions chalking hearts all the way up the sidewalk for me. It was adorable (thank you Pinterest). We knew first thing Saturday that there was no way the open house could be held outside with teh gale that was blowing out there. 30mph steady winds. So we spent the afternoon taking all the furniture out of the living room and family room and dragging the patio furniture inside. I sisn't think it was too bad but that's easy for me to say because I didn't move it all. So we got the inside all prettied up:

Here is Cooper helping us out.
The front entrance was all ready to go including the sign in book that wasn't ready for the reception the week before.

I borrowed these awesome doors from Nancy Leavitt. Pretty much the whole valley has used them now I think.
At night the glowing orbs I made looked really cool...thanks pinterest again!
Some of the desserts

...and more desserts...

You can't have all desserts without including a Candy Buffet

Getting it ready to go
I think we can agree the food makes the party. A huge shout out to my friends Lori & Cheryl for making tons of mini desserts for me. The ladies at the office made me tons of cake balls too. Everything was delicious. We had a fun time that night visiting with everyone that came. With so much help cooking and setting up it wasn't too hard to do either. We were glad to do it for Jeff & Rachel.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Reception

Jeff & Rachel had their reception on the ninth floor in the Joseph Smith Building. The view was incredible from there. We all met together first for the formal pictures before the start of the reception. We were all actually pretty wiped out at this point but luckily you can't tell too much.

Here is a collection of great pictures. I couldn't choose so you get lots:
Jeff and the Guys

Rachel hanging out with the Men

The Bridal Party

Rachel and her Girls

With my Mom & Dad

3 of 4!!

Father & Son

Love this one!!
The Cake

The View by the end of the Evening
 It was a very lovely reception. It was super nice to just show up and have the details taken care of so nicely. Only a couple of hiccups...the dessert ran out before everyone got one. Probably because around here we are used to all you can eat buffets and desserts are always the highlight. The other thing worked out thank goodness. I ate a crabcake by mistake! I am deathly allergic to shellfish but luckily didn't have a major reaction. The last thing I wanted was a trip to the emergency room to top off the day. So we took boxes of leftovers back to our room later and had a party with Charlie & Alisha before we crashed for the night.
What a great day...we love you Jeff & Rachel and are so happy for you!

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Wedding

March 24 was here ready or not. Surprisingly we were actually pretty ready! Jeff hustled off to the Temple while Mendis & I got the cake out of the car and delivered finally!! We headed over to the Temple and had lots of wait time. I snuck into the Bride's room to see Rachel who was looking beautiful but a little nervous. We all piled into the waiting area and waited and waited until it was finally our turn to head up into the sealing room. We had the biggest room but they still had to bring in lots of extra chairs and benches for everyone to sit on. They don't let anyone stand in back in that Temple so we crammed right on in. The sealing was lovely. By this time both Rachel & Jeff looked pretty nervous. Maybe it was all the people.
After the sealing we all waited outside for them to come out.
Cooper looked awesome in his little suit!

After a forever wait they finally came out to see millions of people who had been waiting for them.

We spent hours taking pictures. There are some gorgeous pictures so it's hard to pick. I think I will just do reception and formal pictures on the next post. So these are just a few of my favorites.
All the Grooms side of the family

See. Way to many to pick a favorite. I love them all!!