Friday, September 30, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Fun

I had another opportunity to visit with yet another sister recently! This time Beth and her two daughters were in Provo all the way from Tennessee. I don't get to see them too often so I made the trip up to Provo for a quick visit. So quick in fact that once again I forgot to whip out the camera.I got there Sunday night and hung out with Christina and my nieces Rachel and Laura for the evening. We had a blast eating popcorn and watching Larkrise to Candleford. A period series that we love to pieces. The next day we all met up with Beth and her girls at the Wilkinson Center at BYU. We found a table to hang out at and did some catching up. We were bitterly disappointed that the Bookstore was closed for Labor Day since that meant no chocolate covered cinnamon bears for us!

After visiting for awhile we worked up an appetite and headed over to one of our all time favorite haunts. Yummy lunch!!
After lunch we checked our Beth's ex sister in laws bridal shop. It was pretty awesome. We had a blast rummaging through the gorgeous gowns admiring them all.
This was one of my favorites. After we thoroughly went through about everything it was time for me to hit the road and Beth and the girls too. The purpose of their trip was to drive up to Idaho to get the girls started on their semester. This was Dreah's first time going off to college. It was a fun and fast trip!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Marie Osmond

Okay I admit I am a sucker for this sort of thing but I think it's cool. I went to our Vision Expo yesterday for our annual convention for work. Every year they have some sort of celebrity there signing autographs and stuff. Usually I am not very interested or thrilled by who they bring in. This year I have to admit I was pretty excited to see Marie Osmond. Can you see my autographed picture! Do I need to make it any bigger!!Shannon and I waited for about half an hour for our turn to talk to her and get our picture taken with her. Wouldn't you know we were alone so there was no one there with a cell phone to get us one right that minute. We got our picture done together. From here we are next in line so we had lots of time to study her.
She is short. Even with the massive heels.
She had on huge fake eyelashes.
She was very petite especially her face.
She has had some work done I would say especially her lips.
She is skinny.
She was very nice!!

The paper we had to sign said to say something to her so I asked her if her visiting teachers had visited her yet this month! She said no but she hadn't been out yet either. We told her neither had we. She said she worked at the Temple every Wednesday morning but we had to get there early if we wanted to see her. She loved it there and highly recommended working there.
I have to say she was very easy to talk to and it would be fun to visit with her and get to know her better but yeah that's never going to happen. So I can hardly wait for our pictures to come up on the website. Apparently it takes months so dang I have to wait.
So I finally go the other Pictures from the internet!! What so you think? They are super small so really hard to see darn it.

Visitiing with Carolyn, Rachel & Laura

I know I posted about this on our family blog but I got hold of Rachel's pictures and I wanted to add them. SO y'all already know I got to spent the evening with my sister and her 2 girls in Vegas on their way to BYU. I lamented the fact that I of course forgot my camera but luckily Rachel had hers. Atta girl Rachel! SO just for the highlights...
We met up at the Temple and dropped Jeff off and then drove to the Strip for the evening since Carolyn and the girls hadn't been there in years...We parked and started at the City Center which is so cool to walk through. It was the hottest day of the year so we really enjoyed the fountain along the way to the shops.

We went through lots of designer shops then headed to dinner. We decided to see the New York New York ...
The street scenes set up in there are some of my favorites. I love the attention to detail.

And then we found this. Dessert heaven. Poor Rachel just watched us eat since she can't have dairy or gluten but she was a trooper about it. Choosing was so hard. They were all so cute.We managed to finish almost all of our choices which was no small feat.

Almost sick we are so full!
Rachel is into plants so we walked down to the Bellagio to see the gardens there. THey had this amazing 3D portrait made from plants. It was the coolest thing.
The theme was summer county fair and so gorgeous as usual.
As we walked back to City Center we walked through the Cosmopotitan. We all fell in love with the crystal chandelier. Its hard to explain how huge and cool it is. A must see!
Then to top off the evening we went back through all the designer shops and had a ball checking out everything. Awesome girls night out. All the guys would have hated it!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hayden's Mission Call

It seems hard to believe this took 19 years but our youngest is ready for his mission. It's been crazy to get his paperwork and interviews and appointments done around his football schedule but he pulled it off. The call came Thursday morning Sept 15. The post office ladies were nice enough to call me and let me know it was here. Don't you love small towns!! We had to wait until we were off work then we threw the envelope and a few assorted items for Hayden into the car and ran up to St George where he had an apartment full of friends waiting. We all made our final guesses and then he tore into the envelope. He was shaking so it was fun watching him open it up. He is assigned to the Chili, Rancauga mission and will report in to the MTC in Provo Jan 4th!

Notice the 3 cell phones for all three of his sibling who are in 3 totally different places right now. I guess they had a hard time hearing anything but a bunch of noise but it was the best we could do with out webcams! We've got to get us some of those!!

Everyone was anxious to see if that's where Ben Rebman (the 1st missionary from his class) was. They are busy checking...Nope wrong Chili mission. Darn that would have been awesome.

The proud parents!
The awesome friends who were there for "the Opening Night" Yup that's alot of cute girls and a few guys too!
We spent forever texting friends and calling family. We had all three cell phones going at the same time. Hayden about used up his whole battery telling everyone his exciting news. He said he couldn't be happier. We are so excited for him. He admitted just last week that he was hoping to go foreign after all but he still was going to be pumped no matter where he went.
Time to brush off the espaniol.
We texted and texted and took the new Elder out for a dinner of tortillas and rice and beans. What were we thinking though Benjy said we should have gone to Chili's!! What a great idea and we blew it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Deja vu

I have the same pictures almost exactly of Grandson #1 a few years ago. So here is Grandson #2 playing in the same drawer. It's a baby magnet!! SO Rees was super cute doing this a couple of years ago and Cooper is too. I just couldn't resist putting this up...

How cute is he!