Monday, April 25, 2011

The Eagle Has Landed


Well we finally have this wrapped up. Hayden got his eagle badge done clear back in August before his birthday. Here he is posing by part of his project. Nice metal roof!
Then he had the paperwork to slog through. Believe me that wasn't without it's challenges. We thought it was rough going just to get it approved but the wrap up was absolutely ridiculous. Once we got it through the stake it was clear sailing to get it through the office in Vegas thank goodness because he didn't have that much time left by then. So it was official after Christmas but by then Jeff was gone back to school so we decided to wait to have his court of honor until Jeff could be there. It finally dawned on me about a week before Jeff came home for spring break that we had a court of honor to plan. We knew we wanted it simple but we also knew we wanted it nice. Uncle Charlie insisted on bringing his way cool enormous flag which was incredible. Such alot of work but it looked way cool. Thanks Chuck! I got the honor of pinning his Eagle Badge on. {Probably because I was the only one who had seen in the book exactly how it was supposed to go}. I will take it.
Elwin Brown getting his Mentor pin. What an awesome scout leader he has been for both our boys. He got word that his niece had lost her baby just before the court of honor but stayed until it was over just for Hayden. That family is always sacrificing for everyone else. We just think the world of them.

Here's Hayden's Eagle Nest. Pretty awesome group of guys huh.

Very cool pic- ALL Eagle Scouts and Pre-Missionaries!

The Fam. Ashley and Benjy couldn't make it but we know they wanted to be here for this.

Grandpa & Grandma always so supportive. They make it to darn near everything. They are amazing and we love them.

I love this picture.
This had to be the highlight of the show. Travis Rust is always trying to get kids to wrestle with him so he finally wore Ray Ray down. It didn't take Ray Ray too long to mop the floor up with him though! I thought I'd die laughing it was so fun to watch. Those two really worked up a sweat. Mendis was so bummed that he missed it because he had to run off to a meeting. They will have to do it all over again someday for him!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Break

I can't believe spring break is finally here and in fact coming to an end. We started the festivities before hand actually with Ashley and her family coming down for the fair Wed - Fri. {Refer to previous post}. I of course left Thursday night for my scrapbooking retreat {Refer to previous post...again}. Friday Jeff travelled through snow to arrive home for his semester break from Idaho. He made it to the fair briefly. Christina then travelled through more snow again to arrive Saturday for her spring break. She hit the fair also with a friend from Vegas and got in a little of the rodeo too until they froze to death. So I arrived home Sunday to a houseful! Sounds bad but it was fun really.

We saw lots of Jeff's friends the following week while he was home which was just like old times. We even got to meet Michael who Jeff was mission companions with and pals around with at Idaho. We watched lots of movies and ate lots of junk which is why I am on a diet today. We had Hayden's Eagle Court of Honor {Post coming}. We did some much needed yard work. Finished planting the garden. Saw my cousin in St George while getting Christina's car serviced, went shopping and even fit in a couple of track meets. I worked mornings and took every single afternoon off to be with my kids. Heavenly. I introduced both Christina and Alisha to "Lark Rise to Candleford" on 2 separate occasions. Probably one of my favorite shows! All this was before our spring break officially started.

This week is much quieter. Kind of boring I guess after last week. Hayden went to California with his pals for a couple of days. I have been gardening and painting the shed and cleaning my house and mucking out closets and finished our taxes and got them off (owed $ ugh) and scrapbooking and helping plan prom and dieting and went to a wedding (Congrats Malissa) and went to a baby shower and went to an awesome band concert...ahhh love spring break!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Farewell to BBall

We just had our Basketball awards dinner at the High School. Pretty bitter sweet really. While it was nice to hear so many great things said about our players and celebrate the state championship together it was the end of Hayden's High School basketball career. The team room has their lockers where their names have been painted and their achievements will remain. Coach Larsen did give all the seniors their name plates that were removable for them to keep. They are really pretty cool. Here is Hayden getting his:Hayden giving a thank you present to Coach Larsen for all his hard work this season. Well really for the last 3 years!
Hayden and Josh (LJT) really tore it up this year. We are so proud of the both of them. They both had a phenominal season and the best part is they are really great guys too. They were both All-State and Josh was the Player of the Game for the State Game with Hayden right behind him in votes too. They have been friends since Kindergarten. We were hoping Josh would go to Dixie but dang it he got a better deal with Central Arizona. Well you can't blame him since you have to go with the best scholarship.
I was hoping to get a picture of all the seniors but I was too slow so I got one with most of them anyway. What a great group they are. They've had a blast playing together for the last 13 years!

Good Luck Guys: LJT, Kelan, Casen, Hadyen, Riley...missed Geoff (Speedy), Danny and Milas!

Many thanks to Dallas Larsen. Not only was he a great coach but a great friend to Hayden over the years. He will miss Senior Larsen for sure. Whew what a great year!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Scrapbooking Retreat Baby!

We were beginning to think this was going to never happen this year but we were finally able to pull off the 4th annual scrapbooking retreat at Patty's cabin. The three of us have such different schedules it was almost impossible to arrange. We picked the one weekend until Oct that would work and made it happen. Sorry your eyes are closed in the photo Patty but until someone gives me a copy of theirs this is the best I can do.
As you can see the snow fell the whole weekend. It was so fun for me and Jolynn to visit the snow but Patty didn't find it near as enjoyable. So we pretty much hunkered down and scrapbooked the whole time. We did venture out across the street for our dinner at Milt's one night though and one brief afternoon we came down from the mountain for a lunch and more supplies (scrapbooking stuff).

We look so forward to this little outing every year and hope the tradition lasts for years and years to come.We even got lots and lots of pages done too. Oh and I only gained 1 pound with all the chocolate so it was a great success.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fair Time

So we finally got Rees to the Fair! It's too bad the weather was so stinky. It was super windy with 50 mph winds and gusts that I thought might drop all the tents at any moment. The only day I had to do the fair was Thursday because I left that 1st night at 7pm to go to my scrapbooking weekend. We had fun walking around and sometimes running from building to building.
We spent alot of time in tents because of the wind. The only way we could pull that off was because the carnival hadn't opened yet. Since this was his first time Rees wasn't freaking out about the rides because he didn't even know they existed yet.

So this is a classic picture in the fine arts building. Let's just assume here that he is getting all the sand from the storm out of his nose!!

Cooper spent most of the day asleep under his blanket tent in the stroller to escape the nasty weather. He emerged occasionally to pose for us:

Before it got too windy Rees got to do the little kids games. Very cute this year. Oh look we found a little kid running around the fair to play with him:
A hole in one!!

Dinner was fun. The best part was watching Rees having a good time of course. He's always been a fan of music:

Rees loved the carnival the best of course.

He just went up and down the line of kiddie rides just like our kids used to do.
What fun. Hopefully next time they make it down to the fair the weather will be better.