Saturday, October 30, 2010

Homecoming 2010

Homecoming has long since come and gone. I haven't had a chance to do any blogging for awhile and so I have a ton of catching up to do. I noticed I didn't really take alot of pictures either except for game pictures. What's the deal!
Now it comes back to me...I had surgery a couple of days before homecoming. Mendis did his best to document things around here but I think I may have missed a few things. I have pics stashed all over the place and I am lost.
Not to carry on but I just added it up the last 7 weeks I have had major surgery, homecoming, fed the football team breakfast twice, had a state football game to get ready for including tailgating and parties etc, a new grandson born, a cruise to the Bahamas, lots of company, returned to work, and Christmas to get ready for.


Homecoming: Hayden escorted Molly Markenstein to the assembly. She was a queen candidate and he was a king candidate. His buddy Bowen won. Both and Geoff were just happy to be all together and glad not to have to wear the crown! What a handsome group of guys this is:Hayden took Chelsea Olige to the dance Saturday night so that involved a bit of tweaking to the tux colors and off he went. We haven't gotten his pics of them together yet but here he is ready for the dance:
I hope to get my act together and buy his pictures of the dance soon. They are much better.
So onward and upward in my quest to catch up...

Monday, October 11, 2010

~NV Preps~
Weiss completed 16 of 22 passes for 190 yards and two touchdowns with two interceptions. The senior hooked up with Hayden Cooper eight times for 98 yards, including scoring strikes of 11 and 4 yards in the second quarter to help Moapa Valley build a 22-13 halftime lead.

“The same thing happened last week,” Lewis said. “We had a two-touchdown lead in the second half. We have to have a more aggressive mentality with the lead instead of playing soft. We’ve got to have a killer instinct, and we just don’t have it yet.”

Defense wasn’t exactly a calling card for Moapa Valley’s football team Friday at Clark.

But when the Pirates needed a stop in the fourth quarter, coach Brent Lewis’ team delivered.

After blocking a punt to take over at Moapa Valley’s 38-yard line while down three points with 3:47 remaining, the Chargers’ offense was stifled, unable to pick up a first down. The Pirates took over and ran out the clock for a 36-33 victory.

“We’ve got things we’ve got to fix,” Lewis said of his defense. “But our kids battled; they could have folded up. It was good to get the win, definitely.”

Well here is the video of the year. I got chatting with Lori and totally lost track of my job apparently. So how's this for Hayden's 2nd Touchdown catch and mother of the year award!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Green Valley Heartbreaker

We had a devastating football loss Oct 1. We were doing so good too. Up by a couple of touchdowns and just couldn't hold on. The frustrating thing is we so could have won that game!Here is Hayden's 2 Point Conversion:

That was pretty sweet to start off the evening.
Here is Touchdown #1

And Touchdown #2

Hayden is getting the ball alot more so it makes it really fun to watch. All the receivers are doing great actually. We could do without the turnovers but that's football. It should have been a great night. Better do better next time!

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Car

Well honestly I have never seen a car painted and decorated so much in my life. Maybe we are just behind the times. After awhile I finally woke up and decided to start taking photos since they have all been quite creative. Hayden borrowed a paint scraper from our neighbors and they told him to just keep it. Probably a good thing! He's had tp galore on the car, car paint, real pain (didn't enjoy that one) and notes. My personal favorite probably had to be the saran wrap job. Except it was that wrap furniture stores use that is super wide and super thick. There was so much on his van you couldn't see the color of the paint through it. Unfortunately he got all that off before we could get back up to the high school with the camera.

This was a pretty nice job too I must say. Hayden left his car at the Hilton's while he went up to Provo for the BYU game. The girls had a great time assisted apparently by Hugh Hilton too. He just didn't want his car done and who can blame him. The caution tape is nice complete with bow on the antenna. Love how they left him a tiny hole in the windshield to see out of when he drove home. He had to unroll his window and stick his head out to drive home!Who signs their names to this?? I guess they were proud.

This was an earlier job done this summer. The notes were hilarious and once again photo worthy.