Thursday, September 23, 2010

SHHHhh Don't Tell Jeff.

While Rees was here I decided it was time to break out the lincoln logs (one of my favorite toys). Imagine my surprise when there were no logs in there but all Jeff and Hayden's army men. They have lovingly collected them over the years from Gettsburg to Williamsburg. Well that little treasure had to be shared so I snuck them out for us to play with.
Okay I confess a wheel did come off a cannon so I immediately packed those precious little toys up and the party was over. It was an accident really. Rees was really careful but got just a bit carried away. Hayden about had a heart attack so I know Jeff will flip. Apparently they are saving them for their boys...not nephews.

Let's give the fish a cookie!

One of the first things Rees does when he comes to Grammy's house is give the fish a cookie. I have algae wafers for my tropical fish that I call cookies to explain that they are treats for the fish. I always give him one to give my fish. He knows right where they are and takes great delight in giving the fish a cookie. It's even more fun because the fish go nuts for them and he gets to watch the feeding frenzy virtually all night. Well when I was at work and he had a few minutes to himself and decided to give the fish a cookie without Grammy. He had great fun dumping in tons of wafers chatting excitedly to himself the whole time. Ashley got there as fast as she could but it was too late. They now had about 30 cookies! She called me at work ready to kill her son. I told her to be sure and grab the camera because I wanted pictures of the adventure and don't kill Rees.We decided to just leave the wafers until I got home from work that big deal. There was a huge pile of algae growing all over the tank and one cloudy mess when I got home. So poor Rees next time he comes to Grammy's house there will be no cookies for the fish. Except who knows maybe I will have to go buy more so he has them!

Lots of "cookies" at the bottom of the tank.

Rees is looking pretty sad and guilty wouldn't you say. I almost feel sorry for him.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

MVHS vs Cheyenne JV

Moapa Valley's Hayden Cooper made three receptions and scored on two of them, helping the Pirates (2-2) defeat Cheyenne’s junior varsity 59-6 in Overton on Thursday.
Cooper, who had 106 yards receiving, scored in the third quarter on receptions of 79 and 18 yards from Kelan Weiss. -Las Vegas Review Journal

1st Touchdown Pass:

2nd Touchdown Pass:

Friday, September 17, 2010

MVHS @ Kanab

This was a pretty fun game. Of course that's easy to say that when we kill the other team. One of the best things was everyone got a turn to score and there was lots of that!!We had it all worked out that I would take pictures like at Hurricane and Mendis would tape the game but at the last minute he was asked to do stats. That screwed up the photography but that's ok. I ended up taping the game and Mendis took a few pics between writing down stats. Kinda hectic. This was probably our last shot to take decent pictures because it's only going to get darker every week until we play playoff games in the afternoon.

This catch was ruled out of bounds and we all think it wasn't. Hayden said he was sure his feet were in and at this point in the pic they are in but oh well. It's not like we lost the game over it.

Probably the biggest disappointment of the day was when we pulled into pizza hut and they closed right in front of us!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Family Fun on Labor Day Weekend

I found out a few days before Labor Day weekend that my sister Beth and her daughter Tori were going to be in Provo for a few days before heading on up to Rexburg. Tori was due to start her 1st semester at BYUI. It was actually cheaper for them to fly into Salt Lake and rent a car and drive to Rexburg verses flying to Idaho.
So naturally when I heard they were going to be in Provo I thought it would be great to go on up and see them. I hopped into the car Friday right after Hayden's football game in Hurricane and headed up. I spent the weekend with Christina. We had such fun that weekend. Christina and I got some errands done Saturday morning like getting her car fixed and picking up Ashley's baby present. We met everyone at the BYU Bookstore and hung out in the Cougar Eat while the football fans headed on up to the game. It was there I was introduced to chocolate covered cinnamon bears! Truly a delight.
We then hopped into the car and took a lovely drive. We drove by 3 Temples on the way. Here is Beth and I at the Timp Temple:
Here are the 4 of us with the Temple in the background.We went up over the point of the mountain and through the gorgoeous homes all the way to the Draper Temple and back. Love this picture of the Draper temple.We headed back to Provo for dinner. We decided to go to Heaps otherwise know as the Brick Oven. It was fabulous and we had a great time until we stepped out the door. Little did we know while we finished up dinner the football game just got out...late. We got stuck in the parking lot for about an hour while we waited for the traffic to ease up. Well it was fun to have another hour to visit!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MVHS @ Hurricane

Yikes! We played better than the score suggests 42-7 for Hurricane. It was brutal but seriously they are the best team in the state I think. They execute so flawlessly. These boys learn their offense in middle school and by the time they are seniors they run it perfectly. They are so disciplined it's amazing. I was hoping we would score and that we did. The first half went pretty darn good but for some reason they quit throwing to Hayden in the 2nd half. Don't know what that was all about. Because Mendis taped the game I got to take pictures for once so that was so fun!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Last First Day of School...Well at MVHS Anyway!

Hard to believe my baby is starting his senior year of high school this year. Not only that the kid is now 18! When school started this year Hayden got a fabulous send of by ...not mom, but dad. He got up and made him a good breakfast and sent him off.
Next week we buy the cap and gown and stuff. This year is going to fly by I am sure. He is not too thrilled about being a senior because he would rather just stay in High School for the rest of his life but time marches on anyway.

Here he is chillin with Geof and Bowen.Maybe this will slow down the TPing of the summer. Hayden is getting pretty good at cleaning up after the frequent toilet paper fun in our front yard. Now all the girls will have homework to keep them busy! I should do a separate posting of just the abuse his car is taking from girls!

Quite a masterful job really.
Believe it or not one of the things we enjoy about having the kids around is all the friends coming and going. There are cars parked everywhere. This summer and the beginning of the school year some of them were here all night!

Friday, September 3, 2010

MVHS vs Desert Hills

I was thinking I should post a football update for the family not able to get to Hayden's games. Our first game was home against Desert Hills of St George. We lost 21-0 so it was not a fun night. It was disappointing on many levels. Hayden only got 4 passes thrown to him all night that were catchable. That would have gone over better if we were killing them with some other fabulous plays but nope. It was NOT a good night. We have lots of film of Hayden open but that's not going to be so impressive for Snow College. He did catch everything thrown to him that was catchable though so that's cool. They want his game film, pretty or not so oh well they can judge for themselves I guess on how they think it went.

One of his receptions:
This camera doesn't take decent pictures in the dark darn it.
It is pretty cool that Hayden is a Captain though. Just like his big brother was!BTW Go Cymoni! You are an awesome cheerleader!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's Finished!!

Yup time for a celebration...Hayden's Eagle project is done! He even had a day to spare.He repainted the benches and fixed up and repainted the water stands in the dugouts at the middle school. Then he put metal roofs on the dugouts. It was a pretty big project. We were thrilled when it was all done for sure. HUGE shout out to Joe Cooper for all the welding.

Well it's all done but the last bit of paperwork!