Friday, July 30, 2010

Part 2 of Canada Trip

We spent a lovely couple of days hanging out with mom and dad and eating and lots of fun like that. We went to mom's ward and got to meet lots of her friends. After church and a fabulous lunch we went for a drive to see the places that had gotten flooded out so badly a few weeks before. We went clear into Saskatchewan and didn't see too much carnage left but it had been pretty bad before we got there. I can totally sympathize with those folks. We could see the water lines on the fences and they got it pretty bad.

Here's mom and dad cooking up a storm for us.

And Christina and I checking out the pantry. Alot of memories in those cook books for me. I loved seeing the old familiar labels of all things Canadian.

We spent an afternoon at a bulk foods store buying Canadian treats to bring back at the Bulk Barn. Lots of fun there!! A whole store of bulk goodies with absolutely no sampling allowed darn it. We didn't even cheat.
We enjoyed this sign at Costco that advertises fries and gravy one of our favorites. Even that has changed though because it used to be known as chips and gravy not fries. Things do change darn it. We discovered a new favorite called poutine that is also on the sign. A french treat that takes chips and gravy to a new level by adding cheese. Sounds kinda strange but trust me it is fabulous. Try it if you ever get the chance.

No trip home would be complete without a trip to the Super Store or as mom and dad call it, the stupid store. They have about everything you can imagine like a super walmart with alot more groceries and a bit of everything else you can think of.
I think the States would do well to adopt this idea. You pay a dollar for your cart but it gets returned to you when you put your cart away! Why can't we do this and clean up the dang parking lots. But they also charge you for grocery bags if you don't bring your own too.

So one of the big adventures of our trip was the Calgary Stampede. We found out the day before that the weather had turned and to expect rain and icy cold temperatures. Can you believe I didn't even bring a long sleeved shirt. I couldn't wrap my mind around this as I was packing at home in 115 degrees I guess. I also totally forgot that mom and dad find 68 degrees in their house a tad on the warm side. So I was a little unprepared by bringing mostly sandals and capri's.

Loved this scarecrow on the drive up to Calgary for our big adventure.

More exciting details to follow...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trip to Canada Part 1

Christina and I took a little road trip together this July. We jumped in her cute little car and headed up to Canada. My adventures started Thursday after work. I ran home from work right at 5pm changed my clothes, grabbed my stuff, kissed hubby good bye and drove up to Provo. I didn't get there until pretty late but it was fun to hang out at Christina's place for the night. The next morning we hit the road and went straight north. Here we are starting off: She had set up her ipod with traveling music just for the trip with a mere 384 songs so we were pretty prepared. We were shocked at all the construction we hit all the way up there. Seriously it was insane. Our 1st official stop was at Idaho Falls. The Temple was a must and Walmart and not necessarily in that order! Everyone laughs when they see this picture because I actually took a picture of a rest stop in Montana. Brings back great memories though cause last time I was here was with Ashley and Rees on our Canada trip. There was snow everywhere and Rees needed to get out of his car seat for a minute. We cruised right through Butte (pronounced butt-eee in our family) taking a few pics of the statue of Mary on the mountain there. It is a tribute to mothers! I needed the tribute to prepare myself for the upcoming horrors of the day.
Then we headed all the way to Helena where we stopped for dinner. Bad idea. We stopped at Perkins Family Restaurant since the construction was herendous and we couldn't find much else. The waitress who was apparently leaking brain cells through her many facial piercings actually GAVE me the senior discount!! Yeah!! I have never been so insulted in my life. This was not worth the huge $2 savings believe me.So we laughed and carried on about this all the way to Great Falls where I got hit with episode #2. When I was having a heart attack about the cost of the room ($125) the clerk said they had AAA discounts and AARP and did I have one of those cards to help with the cost. WOW. I have failed in my quest to even look my age. For pete's sake people I am not even 50...yet. So after much tossing and turning over the sad events of the day I gave it up and fell asleep. The next afternoon we got to the border with no more "incidents". We got through pretty darn fast with only a small lecture about stopping and waiting at the stop sign until told to advance(Christina was excited to get going). The guy was a twit.
We arrived at mom and dad's house and were given the red carpet treatment...literally. Pretty cool. More to follow...

Monday, July 26, 2010

June Happenings

For some reason I don't have any photos to speak of for June. Maybe I was too busy to break out the camera. So a quick update:
Hayden was gone for over a week to Hawaii with his G&G Cooper and Ryan. He had a blast. It was really quiet around here for a few days. What amazed me was how long the food lasted in our house. I had leftovers I had to throw away!
Part of the week was spent at Girl's camp at Kolob. Mendis and I had fun running up to the mountain. The drive is so beautiful. We had a great time with lots of different wards up there. We needed more time so didn't get around to everybody. Maybe next year.
After Hayden got back it was back to basketball in a big way. He had practices at home and for his Vegas team. We racked up the gas bills. He spent a week at basketball camp at Dixie. He loves that camp and had a great time.
We got one super fun weekend when we went all the way up to Manti. We went to the pageant on Friday. It was fun running into the singles there and enjoyed the pageant. The next day Hayden had a workout at Snow College for their basketball team.
The highlight of the month had to be Stake Conference. Mendis did an awesome job on his talk Saturday night. We got to meet Elder Szebrowski (sp) and his wife. They were such an amazing couple. Awesome speakers and so fun! We missed the dinner Saturday night with them but we got to spend lots of time with them on Sunday. Very inspiring, very cool. We loved them. A great month that just flew by!!