Friday, May 28, 2010

Prom 2010

This year for prom Hayden took Ashley German. There was a group of 10 kids and they all had a great time. The started off with a breakfast feast. Hayden said it was fabulous.
They played a round of golf in Mesquite which they said was awesome. The weather was perfect too. We surprised them by standing on a hill to take a couple of pictures:

After the golf they had a massive indoor nerf war. Hayden said that was the best part. Kinda like halo come to life. They had a blast by the sound of it. We heard lots of running and screaming up and down the halls.

After a nap they got all ready for pics and dinner.

We got to do dinner again this year which sounds funny that we " got " to but we really like doing that sort of thing. I love decorating the table and stuff and making everything nice for the kids.
The dance was in Vegas this year at the Treasure Island. They said it was super fun. Luckily Hayden has driven in Vegas sooo many times I was ok with him driving. They dropped off their dates then a couple of the boys came over and finished up the sparkling cider and laughed and carried on until 3am. Luckily we were so tired we didn't hear a thing!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Brian Regan

We had a super fabulous weekend when we got to go to the much anticipated Brian Regan show at Tuacahn May 15th. Oh my gosh was it ever fun. Dr Jensen had given everyone in the office a dvd of his shows for the last 2 years for Christmas so we were very familiar with his work. We heard about his show at Tuacahn last year but by then the show was sold out. We were all so disappointed we vowed to get tickets to the next show so we did...11 and 1/2 months ahead of time!! Our whole office bought a big block of tickets together. We got excellent seats since we were so early too.
Can I just say we laughed so hard I thought we'd die. Both Mendis and I couldn't breathe when he was talking about loosing his hearing. We had such a wonderful time we can't wait for him to come back!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Disney World!!

So many fun memories where do I begin. Nadine, Carolyn and I ran off the plane and booked it to Disney world because we had lunch reservations to keep. We have our priorities!! We picked up Jennifer and raced over to the Disney Hollywood studio park for our lunch. (Bless Jenn who got us into the park every single day-Jenn you Rock) We power walked straight back to the SciFi Drive Inn and made it with -4 minutes to spare. Lunch was well worth it.

We had fun seeing all the Monsters Inc gang and posed for a few pics even though the humidity totally killed our hair:

I've always been fascinated by the brownstones of New York so we couldn't resist getting a picture sitting on these steps:

We pretty much wore ourselves out that first day. We made it on Toy Story Mania which is probably my favorite ride now. We didn't get to any thrill rides because apparently none of my sisters are into thrills. It was crowded and so hot and humid I hardly cared that I didn't even ride the Rockin Roller Coaster.

The next day the 3 of us headed to the Magic Kingdom. Again hot and humid. And crowded. Love how much fun Carolyn and Nadine are having on Splash Mountain:

Photographic proof that we wore ourselves out yet again:

The highlight of the trip to Disney had to be dinner at Cinderella's castle. We had eaten there about 35 years ago so we were really looking forward to it. Of course we were tired and getting silly by then so it is completely understandable when I say we kinda lost it at the castle. We got a bit punchy. In fact one server commented that we must have had lots of the "magic" water. We harassed Ariel to no end for getting married at the tender age of 16 and thinking that she knew better than her father. She went right along with it and kept in character. Very hilarious, at least for us.

Nothing but good to say about Belle:

Jasmine...well her modesty was clearly in question here!
After we laughed ourselves sick we managed to enjoy the fabulous meal. The dessert was to die for:

Loved the show and fireworks with a million of our closest friends:

Monday Carolyn and I met Mom and Dad at Epcot and ate ourselves around the World Showcase. Loved it

We had a blast. Sorry husbands and kids for ditching you all but sacrifices had to be made. We would have just embarrassed you at the castle anyway!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beth & John's Wedding

I have kept you all in suspense long enough ...time for a few photos:

The night before the big day:
Beth opening her "couch" purse and wallet. Carolyn filled it with cash and we both filled it with a ton of cool little sample size things for her honeymoon.
Wedding day and time for some more pictures:
Beth and her daughters

Beth and her sisters:

Beth and her 2 sons and John's 3 boys. Quite a handsome crew:

All the gals. John's 2 daughters on the left and his granddaughter and then Beth's girls on the right (Tori and Dreah)

The Davy Clan:

Would you believe we have no great pics of Beth and John together. They did all their pictures before the wedding so John was banished to the church to pace around while we took pics of Beth and everyone else BUT him. Now that I realize we have none of them together I am really bummed. They have great bridals so Beth ...SEND me some ok

Here they are cutting the cake. mom made their cake and it turned out pretty darn cute.

We did a fabulous job on Beth's car wouldn't you say. Tori added glitter every where just for John! We made cute hearts out of oreos on the windows! It was a masterpiece to be sure.

It was a super day. The ceremony went off without a hitch even with Carolyn playing the piano (hahahahah). The bride and groom were stunning and so happy. The dinner was awesome. Her friends in Tennessee were the best. We enjoyed meeting everyone of them. I am so so glad I was able to be there for her special day. I loved John he is a great guy. Her kids were adorable and I loved getting to know them again. It was so worth going!

Congrats again!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Super Fabulous Scrapbook Retreat!!!

Wow 19 pages done and a whole year of catching up to do too.

Finally we had our 3rd annual scrapbooking weekend. For awhile there is was touch and go to see if we were really going to be able to keep it together and follow through with our big plans but YEAH we did it.

We are awesome to actually get any work done with all the fun we had up at Patty's cabin.
Bob made us a treat/lunch one day of chocolate fondue.
Does Patty know how to pick em or what!!
The snow up there was so pretty. I love to go visit it once in awhile...beautiful.

Patty was amazing...she gave us these adorable totes full of fun scrapbooking treats.

We had such a fun time. Dinner at Milts, staying up until the wee hours of the morning, chocolate and more chocolate, scrapbook challenges, laughing and visiting. It was the best therapy ever and now I just can't wait until next time. We rock!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Well another sports season has almost come to an end. I will admit Mendis and I tried to talk Hayden out of playing baseball this year and just concentrating on basketball but to no avail. He insisted on playing both. Now I'm not so sure he feels like he has made the right move. Many a day he would leave baseball and then drive himself to basketball workouts in Vegas right after. He got pretty tired and he got pretty tired of always loosing in baseball. They have a young team with kids who don't take things very seriously, frustrating at times!!Well the season will be over soon and while it was hard to watch him wear himself doing so much it was fun to see him play again. This is probably it for him and baseball. Kinda sad cause he always loved it and he could play any position. Well he hasn't been catcher in years but I 'm pretty sure he could do it if asked to. Well football workouts are right around the corner so he can do that while he goes to basketball tournaments every weekend now! Here's Hayden with his Vegas team...can you find him?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Catchin UP

I have been so far behind it's hard to know where to start. We had such a rainy spring that we have an enormous crop of weeds in our backyard. I couldn't resist throwing Rees in them for a picture. He even makes the weeds look cute!

In March April we had lots of company either passing through or staying. My sister and family came through twice and Ashley, Benjy and Rees have been down a couple of times. Christina got to come home for spring break. I am not the fastest at getting the laundry done so some days I just got the clean sheets on in time for the next crew and some days they were putting them on them selves. Sure beats us having to drag around and see everyone our selves because with live being so crazy that just plain would not have been happening.

Amongst the madness Jeff left for BYU Idaho too. Mendis spent weeks researching the best deal and Jeff finally got a car. He is now the proud owner of a Corolla. It's pretty dang cute.Of course with only days to spare Jeff was eager to pack up and get on with his life finally.He's been stuck home for 4 months waiting for school to start. He's off:It sounds like he is doing well up there and enjoying life...well everything but the spring snow. He's be happier when it's summer.