Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We'll miss you Jace

Another sad time for our little valley this week. We learned that Jace Davis died while on his mission in Romania. There was an accidental gas leak in their apartment and both he and his companion never woke up from it.
It breaks my heart to think about him not coming home from his mission. He was a fun boy who spent lots of time with Jeff over the years. He was always with Travis when he came over. They would have fun talking trash about tennis while Jeff would go on about football. They kept busy doing crazy things only the kids from here do like rolling blazing tires off the mesa and playing ultimate frisbee down main street. That was the best group of guys. Every single one of them went on a mission. As each one of them returns this year I will think of Jace and how much he will be missed. My thoughts are with the Davis family and I wish there was something I could do to help them. You are in our prayers.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Biggest Looser

So we are into week 4 or more of our little family biggest looser contest. I admit I am a little discouraged. I have found wonderful cookbooks and have made wonderful great food that is actually weight watchers but that's the good news. Bad news-I'm not loosing any more weight. 5 pounds for the whole month- are you kidding me!! This is hard work and my hat goes off to you folks who can stick to this. I think the problem is I have to get moving. But it's cold out there! Shhhh Ashley I know this is paradise for you right now but I'm freezing when it's below 70 degrees.
Any how I highly recommend these 3 weight watchers cookbooks. They are awesome. Even my boys love the food. Jeff says it's the best food he's had in 2 years...hmmmm. Maybe the food wasn't so great in Australia after all huh.